The financial consultations of Sea Capital Group will offer You expert's advices as per Your individual case. We have contracts concluded with almost all bank institutions to be able to offer You most optimal conditions for credit. Thanks to our excellent relations with some banks, we assist in granting of loans without limit of the amount, but not more than 60 000 000 € .
When You look for mortgage credits it is important that you choose the most suitable for You, both now and for the future. Our consultants will analyse Your current financial state and will direct you to the credit optimal for You.
The personal loans are small by amount, intended for physical persons working on employment and service contracts or receiving regular incomes from rents, fees etc. These are unsecured loans, at which the different banks determine different requirements before their loan applicants.
Company loans are divided basically into corporate and loans for small and medium business. The difference between both types is determined by the amount of the turnover of the companies. At both types there exist the following kinds: loan for turnover funds without securing, loan for turnover funds with securing, and investment loan.
With loan for re - financing You could re - finance Your current housing, personal or company loan. This type of crediting is more and more used in consequence of the dynamic development of the bank market. Especially in the cases when more than two years have passed from the drawing of Your current loan, we recommend You to contact us for consultation, whether the conditions on the current loan are still the best for You.
Once You have contacted each other, we will help You upon providing and the preparation of all necessary documents.
Sea Capital Group makes the process of applying for loan as easier as possible for you.